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it was the city that lured us. music in the streets,
on every corner,
in time with the screaming seagulls over our heads.
it's the city that tempted us to follow our instincts,
to take our chances,
to withdraw from the shadows
and leave our fears behind.
it's the city that promises us future.
it's Glasgow - capital of music.
vivid, kind, inspiring and bright.

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imagine a cosy campfire, the night is clear and fresh,
crickets chirr to the heartbeat of a strumming guitar -
than a train crashes through the underwood and hit the ground.

kiss shot is a term out of the world of pool billard. it is used when the cue ball strikes an object ball and bounces off to pocket another object ball. Or simple as we see it if an obstacle is in your way and you hit it, you can use the hitting energy to pocket another one.

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