Kiss Shot is a two-piece act from Glasgow. Vocals, guitar and their home-brewed epic samples. Following a hunch, Anna and Erik moved from Germany to Scotland. For the music, for the adventure, and because of Dead Poets Society. Kiss Shot is their baby, their muse, their challenge.

Oh – and it’s a billiard term. It describes “a pretty damn tricky” shot.

Their music is an eccentric love letter to electronic, pop-rock and dance. Contrast is their mode of choice. Deeply rooted in the sounds of the 80s and 90s of the last century, Kiss Shot’s soundscapes carry memories of the good old neon days and combine them with the modern gadgets of electronic music. Erik’s spellbinding guitars and the cinematic nature of their samples have the power to cross dimensions. All the while Anna’s deep, soothing voice ponders the oddities of life.